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A journal about creative thinking.
Mostly words. Some pictures.

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Power to the Problems

Embrace the flaws of an idea, project or product.

Sometimes bringing attention to the clear negatives creates an unexpected positive feeling.

I saw this car in the Home Depot parking lot this morning and it’s the most inspiring piece of design I’ve seen all month.

Love the Unknown

Not knowing gets me going.

Yeah, it sounds cheesy as hell, but it's true. If HomeGoods put it on a pillow, I would buy it. Live, Laugh, & Love the unknown

People Want to Explore

People are born to explore,

the shiny-object-seeking,
just-around-a-corner-searching sort of exploring.

Great brands tap into our love for new experiences.
Others race to make the shiniest new thing.

It's tempting to think novel technology can replace a good story, or motivate people to give you their time and attention.

It can't.

People want more meaning in where they go.
It's our responsibility to give it to them.

A Great Idea is Uncontrollable

A great idea is uncontrollable.

It might seem at odds with a so-called The Creative Process™, but you can't push a brilliant idea from where it naturally wants to go.

Do you have control over your own curiosity? Why would the trajectory of your own ideas be any different? Great ideas are often great because they are given the freedom to do what they want to do.