Passenger First Approach

As a first step toward a larger airport improvement initiative, I collaborated with LAX to  develop branding that expressed the spirit of the city and celebrated the lost allure of travel. Beyond branding, we were also tasked with programming a wayfinding and information system, as well as developing sponsorship opportunities for retail partners moving into the space. As one of the busiest airports in one of the most diverse cities in the world, our creative work had to unearth discoveries for Angelenos about their city while celebrating the cultures that visit and inhabit it.

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Executive Creative Director: Anthony Vitagliano
Head of Creative: Mark Bashore
Creative Directors: Mark Bashore, Mason Nicoll, Chad Ashley, Josh Hayward, David Mikula
3D Concepts: Todd Kumpf
Directors of Photography: Trevor Fife, Morgan Henry
Managing Director/Exec Producer: Cynthia Biamon
Head of Production: Erica Coates, Colin Davis
Creative Technologist: Robert Diel
Show Control: Smart Monkeys, Inc.