Good Morning

Early in my career, I was fortunate to work beside many talented people at Digital Kitchen as a Designer and Animator. It was at DK that my love for storytelling and emotional connection was cultivated through the art of Main Title design. The creators of Dexter wanted to establish the mundane life of a serial killer and the everyday things that could be seen as horrific. My role as an animator included the main title design and credit animation. The result is an Emmy award-winning classic, that stands the test of time.

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Creative Director: Eric Anderson
Live Action Director: Eric Anderson
Producer: Colin Davis
Designers: Lindsay Daniels, Anthony Vitagliano
Cinematograper: Sergio Argüello
Editors: Eric Anderson, Josh Bodnar
Animators: Anthony Vitagliano, Nick Campbell
Compositor: Miah Morehead
Exec. Creative Director: Eric Anderson
Exec. Producer: Mark Bashore
Music/Sound: Rolfe Kent
Production Studio: Digital Kitchen